dough flat trailhead to sespe hot springs Its here that youll want to leave Johnson Ridge Trail and continue to the right, upstream along the creek another half-mile to the hot springs. It starts right at the tree you have to limbo under. Be prepared to get wet because there are several (I mean several - didnt count them but around 10 each way Id guess) crossings. shake down cruises out of Dough Flat to Sespe Hot Springs and Alder Sespe; snow shoe trips in the Sierra Nevada; dashes through the Grand Canyon; hundred mile sections of the PCT in the Cascades; loops in Big Bend: I am proud to say I . The trailhead is about 70 miles northwest. So, armed with Brennen's directions we headed out for six days of adventure on the Sespe. Find incredible places and experiences that help you bring home a story through The first trail called Sespe River Trail is the longest at 16.8 miles and winds it's way through Los Padres Forest and is considered a moderately difficult hike. There are actually several distinct springs that amazingly issue directly from the rock walls and flow into the creek. Instead of starting at Dough Flat, I wanted to start at the Piedra Blanca trailhead (Lions Camp)and then camp at Willett Hot Spring, then Sespe Hot Springs, then in the Sespe Narrows, and finally camp at the Tar Creek / Sespe confluence. The camp is situated under several large oaks and has a fire ring. road traveled by large oil trucks so be very cautious as The general deer hunting season in Zone D13 starts this weekend October 12 and lasts through November 10. I mentioned to my partner that I wondered if that was the person we had read about in all the reviews. Bit of a dense brush challenge but doable. Just two hours from Los Angeles, the Sespe Hot Springs feel worlds away. We parked at 7am on Friday and parking lot was 3/4 full. 2.5 miles, roundtrip Elevation Gain 400 feet Highest Point 6800 feet Calculated Difficulty Easy/Moderate View from Sourdough Ridge Trail into Sunrise Valley. Generally considered a challenging route, it takes an average of 11 h 16 min to complete. Prepare to get thigh high wet. Download the GPS track to help you find your way. Sespe was flowing well with crossings knee to thigh deep. Water is plentiful. Just now finished a 4 day & 3 night trip. I had read the 2/28 LPFA report of the dangerous section of trail that has slid just west of the saddle between Alder and Sespe. I was bitten somewhere in one of those two locations. one mile from Alder Camp. We provide tools and tips to discover The Mosquito Flat trailhead is at 10,000 and you have to go over Mono Pass at 12,000. Shady camp is in good condition and shows signs of light use. I took that banking turn left toward Sespe Hot Springs too, leaving that much smaller trail. Learn more about how to apply the principles of Leave No Trace on your next outdoor adventure. Great mountain views the whole way, it got a lot hotter than we expected in April and we really enjoyed cooling off in the creek. Alter Creek Trail (Dough Flat to Sespe) Schwierigkeit mittel. The park's rustic environment, reminiscent of old kampungs, also holds many . Great hike experience. Started at Dough Flat Gate. This series of springs create a hot spring creek flowing through the mountains. Be very cautious en route to trailhead. On our hike back, on Monday, we ran into 7 Ventura sheriffs on horse back that said they were out there looking for pan. Here, the canyon opens up and reveals a more spartan and rocky terrain evocative of the Palm Springs area. Take Highway 126 to Fillmore. Unfortunately the rain has done little to tamp down the biting gnats, though they are only an issue at the canyon of sespe hot springs. Bummer, this trail is closed. This trail is called the Sespe River Trail, and it is the most-traveled trail due to its campsites and water sources. But struggle ensued on the last few miles, when we ventured off-trail toward a hidden meadow shaded by black oaks known only to lifelong backcountry wizards like Coyote Dave, who grew up in nearby Fillmore. The more deep and dammed up pools that are built from the source and downstream, the more time the water has to cool and thus the more tolerable the pools downstream are to soak in. hot topic assistant manager job description; Another route is from Dough Flat, following Alder Creek Trail to Sespe River Trail. Past the junction you will findShady Camp (2440 feet) at 17.5 miles. From the town of Fillmore in Ventura County, take A Street . Trails were pretty clearly marked but we did a few times find ourselves going a wrong way and having to backtrack. Good for most of the time but where it is bad it is horrible. However, because the flow of the springs fills the creek one need only hike back downstream until they find a pool to their liking. The road provided access to the hot springs as well as supported a number of car camping destinations before it was closed in the late 1970s. Went only from Piedra Blanca Trailhead downstream to Oak Flat, with camp at Bear Creek, check of Kerr Spring and other off-trail hikes. At Shady Camp junction, ascending over the saddle is very steep. Willett Hot Springs is about 10 miles from the trailhead and Sespe Hot Springs is about 6 miles further, past Willett. This hike is very difficult. Dough Flat Road out of Fillmore (aka Squaw Flat Rd) is closed due to reconstruction of a retaining wall. The general deer hunting season in Zone D13 starts this weekend October 12 and lasts through November 10. Be aware and give them space and youre fine. There are no downed objects or other navigation hazards. If you stay to the left, the There was minimal water on the hike in, however. The temperature of the water from the hottest spring is in the 190 degree range and is unsuitable for soaking. Climbing up from alder creek was relatively easy to follow, but overgrown near the saddle. Island View Trail 2/21 Size 26 X 21 1025. . TheJohnston Ridge Trail leads to Mutau Flat and the Matau Trail. A search began by helicopter of the areas of Tar Creek, Dough Flats, Devils Gate, The Sespe Hot Springs, and all surrounding trails. United States . We promise not to annoy you, but if you wish, you may unsubscribe at any time. It is primarily within the southern Los Padres National Forest. Went to the first 2 creek crossings to find both completely dry.. There was much debate surrounding how to get there after we found out the gate accessing the eastern approach via dough flats is closed (and even if open otherwise apparently unpassable unless one has a robust 4wd vehicle), so the discussion congregated upon weather to do that approach (13 mi each way) or from the west . If there is no water there, continue downstream Initially the hikers were not located. From the trailhead at Dough Flat it's about 7.5 miles along Alder Creek Trail to Sespe River Trail. (LogOut/ Rincon Creek. Trail is mostly clear until this point but upon decent and through Alder Camp, beware of poison oak. There are parts of the trail that are frozen, parts that are dry and parts that are VERY MUDDY. The Sespe River Trial proceeds down stream and is in excellent shape. Starting from the parking lot at Piedra Blanca, the trail quickly drop down to the river crossing, after the crossingLion Creek and Sespe Creek is the Gene Marshall Piedra Blanca trail junction. River crossings are knee deep to Bear Creek Camp. The vehicle for that trip was a Honda Civic. dough flat trailhead to sespe hot springs. On average, the soaking pools are about 105 degrees. pascal wager: definitive edition. SHORT TERM CLOSURE: This area is temporarily closed until March 14, 2023 due to extreme winter weather. . LockA locked padlock . Route 89 Johnston Ridge 20W12 and Sespe Hot Springs. Generally considered a challenging route, it takes an average of 11 h 16 min to complete. SESPE SADDLE: The trail heading from Alder Creek to the Sespe, just as you head West and crest at the Saddle the trail wraps around to the north with some pretty dramatic exposure. This is a narrow, rough road that is traveled by large oil trucks., Lots of glass shattered on the ground and trash. On the way down I encountered three hikers . 1616 N. Carlotti Dr. Try this 23.2-mile out-and-back trail near Fillmore, California. Spent a few nights on Thanksgiving weekend. I happen to enjoy hot springs without clothes also, and typically only around friends, but this was a very different vibe. we make the short drive . Dough Flat Trailhead does not offer reservations through This is a top spot in my book enjoy! Gregg from Santa Barbara thanks for the coconut water and checking on me at Willetts (was in a bad way on Sunday) thank you :) mh, Amazing but Im confused this says 15 miles when its actually more like a full 40 mile hike (in and out), For the love of solitude and hiking, PLEASE DO NOT GIVE YOUR EXTRA FOOD TO THE GUY LIVING IN THE WILDERNESS, PAN UPDATE Watch out for crazy Pan, & Keep your food & personal belongings with you at all times. Its about more than standing on the mountain top. We always manage to be able to walk around it. 5.2 miles to the Sespe Hot Springs. The second trail called Johnson Ridge Trail is the second option at 9.5 miles one way. Use caution when travelling during the wet season due to the potential of flash flooding. Pack in /pack it out. I used permethrin on my clothes and bug spray on my legs and did not find any ticks luckily, but there were a lot of small biting gnats once we got to the Sespe Hot Springs. 4. . Did this over 3 days Friday - Sunday. Tough spot for stock near Kerr Spring because of narrow trail and big step. . Along the . A camp at Coltrell Flat can be found under the oaks. Overall beautiful and the water is clean. 1. Good luck! Not for people with acrophobia or vertigo. Lots of trash on this trail, especially at Willet, Night hiked in ,only got wet thru half the water crossings,roughly 10.Only 3 we're knee high.Camped at the Palm trees at Sespie Hot Springs,was real windy but hot springs were enjoyable..Trail was good.Over all was great trip. Trespass Trail 2/22 1160. . Also through the Creek area, it's easy to lose the trail. Thank you for taking the time to visit Hike Los Padres. Sign up to receive our newsletter packed with the best adventure guides, travel ideas, news, and articles. 379: Route 93 Buck Creek 20W01 18W01 and 19W05. Alder Creek Trail - Begins from the Dough Flat Trailhead, is 7.5 miles one way and rated as moderate to difficult. I saw it along the entire trail. During wet weather, 4WD is strongly advised. It was passable but I had a light pack and 2 poles to aid my balance. Get updates on conditions, surveys and more Los Padres Forest Association - 10-03-2015, Los Padres Forest Association - 02-28-2017,,, Hiking and Backpacking Santa Barbara & Ventura, how far is kharkiv from the russian border? Adventure Pass is notrequired for parking at the Dough Flat Trailhead. At one point the trail was a forest service road that lead to Willets Hot Spring, after the wilderness protection act the road was closed to car traffic and only open for hiking and horseback riding. One can still find what looks like the fireplace left from the homestead. At about 13.75 miles from Dough Flat and 10.5 miles from the Piedra Blanca trailhead, the trail arrives at Hartman Camp. In addition to the Forest Service and USGS maps of the area, a good resource for the trails in the Sespe Wilderness is Tom Harrisons Sespe Wilderness Trail Map. The gate 2.4 miles away from the trailhead was closed which added 4.8 miles to the trip overall (we saw other reviews about this as well). Trailhead for the Sespe Hot Springs hike is way out here too. turn north on A Street/Goodenough Road to Squaw Flat Dough Flat Trail 4/22 1164. Lovely hike in with fall foliage, and the hot springs are hard to match in California. Fairly cold still at night and in the morning but perfect during the day. Washed-out location: 34.579927, -118.964486. There was stagnant water at Bear Creek, although I recommend pushing on to Kerr Springs for cleaner water (still not moving). This is a 12-mile-one-way route on a rough trail, so it seemed like a fit. Find your route along the river and join the trail where it comes down to the river as well. This section of trail was worked a few years back but remained narrow and scary. Overall, still a great trip! This means that UNLESS there is a specific ordinance prohibiting the discharge/carry of a weapon in the PARKING LOT at that specific trailhead, the discharge/carry of a weapon is not illegal. We fell short of making it to the Sespe Hot Springs, should have planned a 2 night trip instead of one. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Enter your email address to subscribe to Songs of the Wilderness and receive notifications of new posts by email. Mutau Flat is situated nearby to the locality Thorn Meadows. 2. Suggested Time - 5 hours. The water spicketts at Willett Camp were dried up as well. Expect to get wet crossing the stream. Went only from Piedra Blanca Trailhead downstream to Timber Creek (almost to Oak Flat), with camp at Bear Creek and check of Kerr Spring (surveys provided on those pages). Currently most of the pools in the canyon are above 106F which is too hot to soak in for long. There are 5 or 6 shovels along the trail so anyone who wants to dig out wet gravel after hiking 16 miles have at it! Blog Home Uncategorized dough flat trailhead to sespe hot springs. Its about protecting what sustains us. There's very little legacy with regard to this trail designation, but it was for a time, anyway the label given that small bit of trail east of the Devils Gate (20W14) drop-in near Hot Springs/Sespe confluence that heads over the hump and down to Alder Creek (between Alder Creek and Shady camps). after 0.6 miles. A very tough hike. We found hot springs that were about 105 degrees which seems hot, but you get used to it. SHORT TERM CLOSURE: This area is temporarily closed until March 14, 2023 due to extreme winter weather. Drive to Fillmore, that lies at the junction of highway 126 and highway 23. I wish I would have taken better pics since the attached don't show the steepness of the area below the slide. The waters are channeled by hoses to a large plastic basin. It used to have an annual Steethead Trout run but dam construction and drought years have ended these runs. This is a narrow rough Follow the stream for He followed us up there in his robe and stood there for awhile as we were setting up. The river is considered one of the best trout fishing streams in Ventura County. Any advice would be appreciated. Another9.4 miles down the trail is Thacher Camp (2528 feet) which is sort of an overflow camp for Willet Camp and Hot Spring (2520 feet) (9.8 miles), as you continue on you will find Hartman Camp (2489 feet) (10.9 miles), and then Coltrell Flat Camp (2312 feet) (14 miles). peter w busch why is it important to serve your family dough flat trailhead to sespe hot springs. Directions: Take Highway 126 to Fillmore. The trailhead is located at the Piedra Blanca parking lot, where you're required to have an Adventure Pass. At the trailhead you enter the Sespe Wilderness. The Reyes Peak trail, Haddock camp, the California condor: these are powerful symbols of transition for me. In the summer months, water is normally very low This is a difficult one way trail to Sespe Hot Springs in Sespe Wilderness. Noida, India 17 miracles snake story +91 9313127275 ; contraction de texte en ligne Sespe Middle Narrows 2/22 1158. The most accessible hike to Willett Hot Springs is the Sespe River Trail, which begins at the Piedra Blanca trailhead. Also known as Arroyo Sespe, Cespai River, Sespe River. Its about building relationships with the outdoors and each other. The landslide at Kerr Spring wasn't a problem. Add 2.5 miles or so to the hike because the access road may be closed getting to the trailhead. Frazier Park, CA 93225 Difficulty: moderate from trailhead to Cow Spring Camp; difficult to Shady Camp turnoff. Stray from the trail map and follow the cairns for the best way across. Overview United States California Los Padres National Forest Dough Flat Trailhead via Alder Creek Trail The NF allows firearms use/discharge. Where the trail has obviously been cleared it is wide open but where it has not been cleared a traveler needs to push aside some light brush to continue. This is a popular trail for backpacking, camping, and hiking, but you can still enjoy some solitude during quieter times of day. san rafael swell recreation area camping / southern style hash browns in oven / southern style hash browns in oven Fish Canyon to Fish Canyon Narrows and Cienaga Campground, The Pianobox Prospect via Fish Canyon Trail, Devil's Gateway Via Agua Blanca Creek and Pothole Trail, Pronghorn OHV Trail from Hungry Valley Road, Santa Paula Canyon and Punch Bowls Trail [CLOSED], Punchbowls via Santa Paula and Last Chance Trail [CLOSED], Sespe Hot Springs via Johnston Ridge Trail [CLOSED]. There are seven more river crossings before Sespe Hot Springs. I spent some time relaxing at Sespe Hot Spring, laying in the shade under some cottonwoods on a small foam mat. Native: Rose Snapdragon: Antirrhinum multiflorum: Tall hairy stems that often fall over and run horizontal. Ant Camp. Creek still running, went up to Bear Creek.. The name Sespe can be traced to a Chumash Indian village, called Cepsey, Sek-pe or S'eqpe' ("Kneecap") in the Chumash language in 1791. All in all, trail is in good shape, minus the abundance of swingin dongs at every other swimming hole. Posted in Condor Trail, Sespe Wilderness, Trail Reports. Be advised, Willet is super popular and not much area to camp once you're at the spring. Kim_S Moderator Posts: 5102 Joined: Fri Nov 02, 2007 11:49 pm Location: San Diego. kind of a pain to get to. Sespe River Trail follows the old road bed most of the way and is in generally good shape. Be sure to bring long sleeves and long pants for the overgrown sections, as well as sandals or waterproof boots to cross river sections. Link: Sespe River Trail : Date: 05-15-2019 : Surveyor Name: Daniel J. Overview. Trail is in good condition besides rock slide after crossing bear creek camp. The nights are cold, cold cold. Solvang, CA 93463 Sespe Creek is one of two National Wild and Scenic Rivers in our local area, the other is the Sisquoc River in the San Rafael Wilderness. and reservations. and cultural destinations in your zip code and across the country. Enjoy your visit! Big Narrows. It is folded and and it is held in place with a large rock. For Sale: 0 Old woman Spgs, Lucerne Valley, CA 92356 $30,000 MLS# HD22112651 Off paved road sits a wonderful looking property . Matthew Hengst February 14, 2020 at 3:26 PM. This route passes by the disappointing Willet Hot Springa rubber cistern in the ground that's filled with algaeas it follows the Sespe Creek. The trail is pretty open all the way to willet but past that you get a lot of leg scratchers. We saw 7 snakes over the whole trip, none of them were rattlesnakes but other backpackers we saw said they did see multiple rattlesnakes. At about 10.5 miles from Dough Flat, Sespe River Trail arrives at Johnson Ridge Trail and the turn off for Sespe Hot Springs. I approached the slide and decided it was too dangerous to cross. Length 37.3 kmElevation gain 1,347 mRoute type Out & back 5 miles to the Piedra Blanca trailhead. Cow Springs Campground, California Cow Springs Campground is a locale located in Ventura County, CA at N34.55805 W118.90899 (NAD83) and at an elevation of 3579 ft MSL. The Sespe Condor Sanctuary portion of the wilderness is closed to the public. Condor Trail follows Sespe River Trail from Alder Creek Trail to Gene Marshal-Piedra Blanca Trail. Official websites use .gov A .gov Such knowledge is key when exploring the remote and unforgiving Sespe Wilderness, where ancient Chumash spirits flow . There are some cairns to be found but there are sections where there is no discernable path and the traveler must push through somewhat heavy, flood matted down brush. follow. 47555 Highway 1,Big Sur, CA 93920 trail will go to Alder Creek and youll reach Alder Camp To get to dough flat hang right not straight. 0, Big Sur Station Multi-Agency Visitor Center Length 32.4 miElevation gain 4,012 ftRoute type Out & back If you go North through Filmore up goodenough road it dead ends into some BLM property, looks like you can hike in there or take a dirt road to squaw flat road and go through the whole southern part of Los Padres in D13. Getting from the start of Goodenough Road to the trailhead will take you about an hour. Sespe Fire Brake 3/21 Size 26 X 21 1027. Length23.2 miElevation gain4,419 ftRoute typeOut & back Continue on to the end of the road at the Dough Flat trailhead. The south facing slope is sparsely vegetated and I never found myself on an uncomfortable slope. We also headed out to fix the slide that occurs on the side of the mountain coming out of the saddle and down into the Sespe. Using a pickmatix, we worked to open up the footing and widen it to ensure safe passage. Oak Flat lies not far past Bear Creek, but the highly recommended locations are located about 9 miles past the start of the trail, where the Willett Campground and Willett Hotsprings Campground are located. KERR SPRINGS: The pictures pretty much tell the story. The views are worth the price of admission. At about the 4.5-mile mark from the Piedra Blanca Trailhead one arrives at Bear Creek Camp. There is access to the Dough Flat Trailhead during the spring, summer and fall and is within the winter seasonal closure between approx. Open in Spring, Summer and Fall and is within the Winter Seasonal Closure between approximately December 15th April 30th. Flowing out of a large southern California wilderness, Sespe Creek is a major tributary of the Santa Clara River in Ventura County. Someone has left a large tarp in the middle of the camp. Numerous trails access the WSR corridor from the north, south, east, and west. The Dough Flat site is along the public access corridor of the Sespe Condor Sanctuary in the Lo Padres National Forest, which is managed by the U.S. Forest Service. Lots of dug out pool choices at Sespe, lower pools are cooler than the upper, naturally. way. A landslide essentially wiped out the trail along the mountainside and there was no viable alternative route, in my estimation. Tar Creek forms part of the southern border of the Sespe Condor Sactuary and Dough Flat Rd forms part of its eastern boundary. Be very cautious en route to trailhead. Dough Flat Trailhead via Alder Creek Trail, Cow Spring via Alder Creek Trail and Sespe River Trail, Condor Lookout via Squaw Flat Road and Alder Creek Trail. Some nice campsites along creek with fire pits. Trail in good shape and easy to follow. Change), You are commenting using your Twitter account. From the Junction with Alder Creek trail until Shady Camp the trail makes many crosses of the river bed and about 20% of the time is directly in the river bed. I'd planned to go on to Hot Spring Canyon but didn't want to ford the creek four more times in each direction, and I heard Hot Spring Canyon was washed out. Anybody been to Dough Flats Trailhead lately? Once on the north side it can be hard to find the trail but once found it is in good condition until the junction with the Johnston Ridge Trail. Sespe Creek receives most of its rainfall between January and April, and furnishes 40% of the water flowing in the Santa Clara River. Lots of snakes. Turn north on A Street/Goodenough Road and drive 14.1 miles to Dough Flat. Found some at Bear Creek and Willet., No water in the creek. Most people cleared out, as they do on Sundays, and we heard from somebody that they saw him walking back to willet. We'll update this page if and when it reopens. Overall: . I hiked from Piedra Blanca to Willet on Saturday 2/11. Sespe River Trail follows Sespe Creek for roughly 20 of those miles as it passes through the Sespe Wilderness. Borracho Spring. There was a ton of algae buildup at Sespe. GPS is essential out here past Willett. There are regular gnats between willet and sespe and at sespe there are special buffalo gnats that bite so watch out! Have updates, photos, alerts, or just want to leave a comment? This is a narrow, rough road that is traveled by large oil trucks. The trail in from Dough Flat should be good for that possible resupply although the trailhead is 3 miles further away in winter. Reply Delete. At about 10.5 miles from Dough Flat, Sespe River Trail arrives at Johnson Ridge Trail and the turn off for Sespe Hot Springs. Sespe River Trail is unshaded much of the way, so plan accordingly. The crossing back to the north side of the river has no clear route. Camping in the Sespe Wilderness is free and doesn't require a backcountry permit unless you plan on making fires, in which case you will need a fire permit. We found a small spring around the 6.5 mile mark, but that was the only water source we were able to find aside from the major springs. Jon B. and I backpacked a loop to Sespe Hot Springs, Alder-Sespe confluence, up the Alder Creek narrows to Shady Camp and out. I also camped in the sand below Willet hot spring (did not go in the hot spring). And, since it's a parking lot/trailhead it is not a "public street" and prohibited under the general prohibition. . Tar Creek forms part of the southern border of the Sespe Condor Sactuary and Dough Flat Rd forms part of its eastern boundary. It was admittedly a long-shot for most of the prospective volunteers a three-day mid-week sojourn via Dough Flat, that trailhead I last visited during last fall . Difficulty: moderate from trailhead to Cow Spring Camp; difficult to Shady Camp turnoff.

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